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Jan-Jaap & Willeke

Aren’t these two gorgeous? I sure think they are!

Jan-Jaap and Willeke e-mailed me from their holiday in France (where JJ proposed!) to ask me if I would take photos for their wedding. OF COURSE I would! I was honored! The day ended up being completely relaxed and stress-free and tons of fun. Apart from Jan-Jaap and Willeke looking amazing they managed to find stunning locations, have lovely people and students as guests and serve them awesome food to top it off!

Somehow they also managed to have six kids behave brilliantly. Check out these cuties! And also their awesome footwear ;) The creativity this couple put into their day is very inspiring.

Thank you for having me at your wedding lovelies!

Marry Marv

Remember the shoot with the snow and the cold and the tough looking guys? Well I did that again with just Marry Marv and a lot better weather!

So much good weather that I took all the photos in the shade (I learned recently I should call this open shade, there now you know as well).

I have this new details obsession going on, which mostly reveals itself in pictures of hands but oh well ;)

It was great working with this guy again and I will spam you all in November when he is doing his solo release (where you will find the ever amazing boyfriend playing on stage with him!).


There’s a dachshund epidemic going on and I don’t mind at all :)

Look at those tiny paws and that tiny soaked tail! I had a lot of fun with Thyra and Takkie. A bite of lunch at Dudok and then out with Takkie for his photoshoot. He’s a supermodel as long as his treats are around ;)

Willeke’s Bachelorette

A bachelorette party? And I’m invited with my camera? AND it’s a high-tea? I’m all in ofcourse.

This high-tea was a little way back, but since I get to post the wedding pictures soon I figured this was a good a time as any to post this fabulous girly afternoon!

Geen School!

A while back amazing Alette invited boyfriend and me to participate in the first Geen School dag (no school!). It meant the kids could do something out of the ordinary schedule for a week. They could pick any of their dreams and just go and do it with all the help needed at their fingertips (each kid had an individual coach, workshops according to their ‘profiles’ were sprung on them and the famous twitter hashtag #durftevragen was only a tweet away).

Some kids chose to organize a festival, other kids came up with solutions for cheaper cars for students and some of them decided all the fountains in the city should be orange (cause well: why the heck not).

I got to be one of the workshops that was sprung on one of the students. Sanne was ‘handed’ to me and we embarked on an afternoon of photography together. Pretty soon her boyfriend Loek, also a big photography fan, joined us and together we talked a lot about making photos and whatnot. We decided that it would be handy to do an assignment together they got from their photoclub. Check it out :)

The first part of the afternoon we spent practicing with field of depth and standpoint. After that we had some fun with a strobe!

These next two are the results of Sanne’s assignment! Thank you so much for sending me those!

Can’t wait to join another GeenSchool day! I had a blast and I hope Sanne and Loek did as well ;) Thank you for inviting Richard and me Alette!


I’m so behind on this blog I’m a bit ashamed to be honest! To make up for my terrible discipline I’ll just post most of what I’ve been upto in the last few weeks (I can’t post everything yet as some people haven’t seen their photos yet and I am SO THRILLED to be going to show them!).

You all remember the tractor hunt right? Well this is the result! I’m so grateful for all the tips and help I received, that was awesome! Thijco and his lovely mom and dad Lisette and Jan-Thijs (I sure hope I’m spelling that right!) were great company and we ended up with some nice cool drinks in the sun (and Thijco in the sandbox).

A day that was very special to me (and obviously to lovely Rosalie and Maurice!). I’m already a big sucker for weddings and would cry if not for the big camera in my hands! This one took a lot out of me in terms of keeping it dry ;) It was an amazing day and I’m honored to have been a part of it!

Most of you have probably seen this cute ball of fur on facebook already but I think there’s not such thing as ‘too many puppies’. Therefore I present: Indy, now living with my amazing aunt Willy!

Also my dad and me were at Wantijpop and Metropolis with our cameras for the Popcentrale and 3voor12/Zuid-Holland. We had a blast (and were also very happy we could get some dry clothes during Metropolos) and I got laughed at my Di-Rect fans for not kwowing ‘the dude with the beard’.

Upcoming are two more amazing weddings which I can’t wait to post and another puppy! Also for something completely different I got to do another shoot with rapperĀ  Marry Marv from 1Duidig and I’m finalizing my two (yes! two!) new workshops! Woohoo!