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Elvado, or as I like to call it ‘advanced puppy-class’ recently did a demonstration day. It was miraculously sunny and I brought my camera to run around and play with.

To bring honor to the name I came up with, there actually ARE puppy’s in Elvado! Cuteness!

Elvado showed the audience several exercises. This little wooden box was now out in the open and can represent any object of course. The dog has to find it, and bark to let the boss know where it is (they can do this in forests and any environment really).

You can see a brown thing (a bag) the dog is laying on. Her job is to protect it against stealing! Trust me. You won’t want to steal it.

If you however do try to steal something you will be transported (to a policecar of sorts). Escaping is another bad idea.

Some brave people offered themselves as practice material ;)

Cujo didn’t participate in the demonstration as he was suffering an injury. He’s all better now and hopefully I can take photos of him on the next demo!

If you care to see ALL the photos of the day you can do so here (click)!


Another lovely sunny shoot with another lovely girl! You’ve maybe heard about Amber from me before as she was the amazing singer for Richard’s graduation project!

So yet another roadtrip and some cookies and I was in Ouddorp for a shoot with this fab lady!

There was such peace and quiet there! It was amazing. The sun had such a nice glow it made Amber’s hair seem a nice red :)

And also don’t you just love the nailpolish? She has matching toes as well! I love shoots like this, nice and sunny and warm in a beautiful environment with an amazing girl!


A roadtrip? A photoshoot? Cookies? I’M IN.

Thus commenced a trip to the sandiness that is the Lonense en Drunense Duinen (I’ve probably got the name wrong..).

From the minute we left the car we were just surrounded with the cutest and nicest people who were apparently also a bit shocked that two girls as pale as us were out in the sun. Nevertheless they advised us to use sunblock and then fed us cake and juice. I kid you not! <3

In between all this loveliness we also did a photoshoot.

A shoot in which I’m not quite able to ‘kill my darlings’. I love them all hah. Somewhere into the shoot we saw a horse and both decided it would be EPIC to have a horse in the shoot. But the horse was several miles away so we put it out of our heads since neither of use was going to run for miles in 30 degree sunshine.

BUT. Apparently it (or the owner sitting on the horse) had circled us and it passed us right by! A small sprint for Simone and we a real live horse. How cool!

So far for this sneekpeak cause I don’t think she has posted all of the shoot yet and I won’t spoil. Check out her upcoming bandproject (click) Aleph which I’m already a fan of to find some more of the photos as well!

ps: after the shoot I received a mysterious package that contained part two of the Hunger Games books! A thank you gift! Best. Gift. Ever. YAY!

Music Music Music!

Recently I’ve been to quite a few band competitions and to not spam everyone with a million pictures of these I’ll combine them all!

First off I was at De Kleine Prijs van Spijkenisse. I was blown away by a metalband with flying v’s who managed to incorporate an actual disco beat in their songs! Score! Also.. I get to make a videoclip for the winner!

This photo if of the winning band (with disco beat): Primitive! This should be lots of fun :)

Also I was at the Band Boost finals in Bibelot. The Brave won, and there was no doubt about why. Amazing band! Yeah!

I also went to the Grote Prijs Zuid-Holland, Dance, Bands and Singer Songwriter.

The competition for dance was in an emtpy Off Corso! The judges were filmed on their decision for the winner. What an amazing venue!

These guys placed second at the bands competition! I love it when bands dress up (successfully) ;)

And here you see The Yes Please, who placed second, without his band. He’s singing here as well. A very special moment!

Thank you Popcentrale and Popunie for inviting me to these amazing events! I had a blast!

Larry Joe & Aron & Richard & The Queen

Recently Larry Joe (click here if you don’t know know this amazing musician and his story yet) and Aron called Richard if he wanted to join them in a performance for the Dutch Queen. Having played with them previously he didn’t have any second thoughts about saying yes! I got to tag along and was even allowed to take photos. Sadly not when the Queen was ‘in the house’ since you need all kinds of accreditation for that..

They performed in the Kloosterkerk in The Hague. There were so many positive people there and it was an inspiration to meet and speak with them.

Also I was severely underdressed. I do not own a hat of any sort.

Look at that gorgeous building! And how many people fit in it..

After playing Larry Joe and Aron got to meet the Queen while Richard and I had the challenge of getting his upright bass out of the building.. Later that evening we all joined up and Nic (who was responsible for getting the two South Africans in the country in the first place) treated us to some fabulous Japanese food! Ooh the hardships.. ;)

You can read Richard’s report of the day here (click)!

Ron & Dakota

As a surprise for Ron, Kim asked me to take photos of him and their little girl! I loved the idea straight away (how can you not like surprising people) and I also love this little girl!

Don’t you just go AW at that little hand clutching her daddy’s shirt? ‘Mine!’

Tiny feet! Oh man I’m such a fan of her tiny feet and hands :)

Ok before I post every single photo from the shoot I’ll just stop here.. I loved making these photos! Also thanks to Ron and Kim (and little Dakota of course) I spent a lovely afternoon in Hoek van Holland leaving well fed and completely happy!