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St Patricksday!

If you’re Irish (or have Irish roots like me) you might have been overcome by the urge to wear green and try your best a at a jig or a guinness. I’m talking about St Paddy’s ofcourse! My dance school (Celtic Swing) organized a day with workshops and dancing performances, it was a real blast! The woman behind all this and also my dancingteacher, Marijke, asked me to bring my camera and so I did.

I. Need. These tights. Need.

This is the kids workshop! The gigantic teacher is Gyula Glaser and all the youngsters really had a blast at his workshops!

You have to appreciate the green here!

In case you’re not very informed about Irish Dancing: all those sparkles and colors? That’s an irish dancing dress! These are made by the lovely Kirsten Kerkhof (click for more of her dresses) who also gave a workshop in Scottish Dancing!

Which looks like this :) And yeah, the swords are supposed to be there.

I don’t think I need to explain why I posted this right?

There was also an advanced dancing workshops by aforementioned Gyula. It was SO busy!

By the end of the day all the workshops were done, and so was the floor. To finish there was a grand presentation by the showgroup from Celtic Swing and also by all the dancers from the entire school. It was a great day!

Firebrigade: Hoogtereddingsteam

So. Clearly I don’t have a proper word for ‘hoogtereddingsteam’ but these guys rescue people from CRAZY heights. Really. Crazy. Thanks to Ron Bahnerth I was allowed to join in on one of their trainings and I had a blast!

So. This was the view from where we were standing. Yeah. I think it’s pretty high. The guys from the team were like ‘yeah! Nice and easy this one!’.

This is Ron showing how it’s supposed to be done. Doesn’t he look all calm?

Ok. So. Ofcourse.. I was going to go as well! Keep in mind I was going to climb over that little tiny fence thing there..

I got checked, and checked again. And checked again. Also, they secured my camera to me! Awesome thinking there.

While dangling there I took this photo of them all! Giving directions like that is a bit of a challenge ;)

So, if anyone needs a photographer for big heights, count me in!

High School Music Competition Semi Finals

Last week the Semi Finals for the High School Music Competition took place in WORM, Rotterdam. As always lots of fun, and this time all four categories at once! So that meant 18 bands in one day. Somehow this competition is a bit jinxed for me and I was running a fever during the day (like I was on Making Your Band as well..). Hopefully it’s not a ‘thing’..

Either way! The four categories were LOUD, pop/rock, hip-hop and sing-songwriter. They were all mixed throughout the day and kept me very busy! Luckily almost all the bands were a lot of fun to either watch or listen to (or both of course).

These ladies are half of the Kreatones and they got a place in the finals! Hurrah!

The audience was great as well. What I really loved seeing is that the bands were really supportive of each other. They all came to watch everyone else play!

This colorful guy is Ronnie Flex. He won a place in the finals as well. I think he had the first ever female DJ in hip-hop I saw on a stage (this might not mean as much since my hip-hop experience is quite minimal.. ;)).

I’m very curious to see them all perform in the finals! But first there’s a ‘Workshop Day’ coming up this weekend of which I’ll post pics as well of course!

Making Your Band

Making Your Band is a cool day for bands where they can find tips and advice on basically everything you can think of. The Popunie organizes this day and asked Robert Tjalondo and me to take photos of over 24 acts that day!

These are some of my favorites!

This colorful foursome is called “Kreatones”. I’ve seen them play before in the High School Music Competition and they are great and disco and sparkly!

Somehow all the girls I took photos of had GREAT hair. Seriously. This band is called “No Reply” and I’m very curious to see them play!

This girl is Demira Jansen! I had a lot of fun with her and she was very easy to work with. Almost all acts were very easy to work with by the way which was very great cause I was quite sick that day and my imitation of a seal was very much spot on.. It’s a fun challenge to meet that many acts in a single day and still come up with new spots and ways to take a photo of them in a short amount of time, but I loved doing it :)