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As promised a bit more of explaining on the school assignment thing. For the School Cause I asked Tarik if he perhaps has a muse. And YES he does. To start getting to know him and what he does and is able to do I was allowed to visit his training. I actually was bouncing up and down next to him most of the time cause it was so cool.

It took some time to learn how to communicate. I have NO circus vocabulary whatsoever but by the end of the evening I got a bit more out than ‘do that cool thing again, you know, with that thing’. I daresay I had a blast!

The skills Tarik has, damn! Please check out his website. Fun! More photos to be made with him and his muse. If you by chance own a high building, with lots of concrete and great support beams and some amount of ambient light.. Let me know ;) Siked!

Hangover Hero Album Release:

Today Hangover Hero releases their first self titled album. As you might remember I shot some photos for them earlier that will be in the artwork of the album, and used as promo photos as well. Good stuff!

Since I already posted those pics I’ll just stick some photos of their live-show on the Metropolis festival here, as well as a teaser that the guys had made for their now officially released album!

I love the lights on Ronald here! Yeah! Keeping in mind that outside this tent it was 30 degrees in the burning hot sun..

Bass player Mats might just show up in a completely different type of photo shoot very soon!

Somehow Ad always has his eyes closed when he plays.. Not sure how that works out with not falling over and all.

MakeBelieve playing in Leiden: LVC

It has been at least two years since I last saw these guys play in Watt! It was really great to see MakeBelieve again and how much better they have become. The audience really loves these guys and I had a great time at their show.

Some oldschool black and white photography here, I haven’t done that in a long time! I love how the texture of the floor comes out in it (yes I love the floor, really).

Man can this guy sing. Very cool!

I might be shooting MakeBelieve again in the very near future, but this time they will have to pose ;)! Woo!


With some people you just know they’re going to work out great in front of a camera. Rudy is definitely one of those people. This started out as a shoot for one of my school assignments, but for now I’m not really clear yet on where I’m going with that so.. These are some of the results regardless :)

As my school assignment has to do with muses you can see how the above two photos aren’t really fitting in there ;)

This portrait on the other hand, I love it! Fits a lot better in the muse concept already (I promise to write something more useful about this assignment soon!). And the funny thing is it ended up being made solely with ambient light.. Which I love as well :)

Weddings? Still love them! Marike & Yelins

This summer I was invited to Marike & Yelins wedding, in ‘De Achterhoek’. That could have been the sole reason for me to go there were it not that I was asked by lovely Alette who you might remember from an earlier blog. For this wedding she proved herself to be an epic weddingplanner. So a wedding in De Achterhoek, two of my lovely friends there AND a roadtrip! Hurrah :)

Marike & Yelins are a superfun couple, really. Nothing got them down. They created a very laid back atmosphere all around. This is the dvd cover by the way.

Just LOOK at that cake. Yes it tasted as great as it looks. Eliose did the catering for the wedding and did an awesome job! Check out her website here, you can also find some more food pics here.. I say go..

In the mud. They weren’t wearing shoes. And also cows were looking at us. I kid you not.

Roufaida & Pluck make a video

Obviously I’m a fan of these two ladies. So if someone asks me to come and take photos at their videoshoot of course I bounce right over there.

Flowers and sunshine!

Part of the crew: Robijn and Jorrit (yes his name is Robijn isnt that just epic?). I think the girls were supposed to look at Jorrit’s hand. I think.

You can see why I had a good time here ;) Sadly I couldn’t stick around for that long so now I’m even more curious to see the end result. I’m sure it will be great!

Turbulent 2011

This was my third time at the Turbulent festival, and a lot has changed from the first time (with it seemed like 10000 kids running around quite drunk in Alcazar) and the second time on a boat (ON A BOAT! Yeah!). This year it was in De Drie Lelies in Puttershoek. If you don’t know where that is. That’s ok. I still don’t.

Either way, earlier the Popunie had asked me to make photos of a mill. That was great! And I already blogged about it. But, the photos were used as decoration for the festival as 2×3 meter banners! So siked about that.

Some imagery of the festival!

A great dance group. Really so talented. Sadly I have no clue what their name is but it was super to watch.

Elsewhere in the building there was a DJ workshop going on by Tijs. It was like they had their own little private party. Very amusing.

The tattoo stand by Sylvia Rikkelman was there again as wel, sadly not occupied by the lovely lady herself but nevertheless I had a blast there ;)

And yes, one shitty photo of the result!

One of 8 banners from the photoshoot in the mill! I still get all bouncy looking at this.

The last day of the festival had a band competition and some cool workshops given by the guys from Jaya the Cat and Roger Steward from The Hot Stewads. Epic judges they are.

I realize this is not a very coherent report on the festival but oh well ;)