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Acts of Happiness: Seth, Shirley and Alette

Last week(end) there were a lot of photo-moments going on. One of them being Seth’s second birthday! Most photographed kid ever already. I think from now on I’ll only visit kids’ birthdays since well, come on. Badass cupcakes are courtesy of Hanna (who you might have spotted earlier in the Hangover Hero photoshoot).

Also I’m so proud to have been a part of this day. Alette graduated cum laude!  She’s just that awesome. Yes. Mind you, this lady will actually change the world :)

More people to be proud of. Shirley finished and printed her first book called ‘Zwart Bloed’. How cool is that, a book! I was allowed to make her press photo and we had some fun running around in the rain in the park with an umbrella together. You can read more info on the book here (and yes, buy it! It’s great, I finished it in one day).

Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is A Monster

I’ve been waiting SO long for this band to record their album. I rarely get so excited about a cd ;)

These guys (and girl) are from Iceland and I’m afraid that’s the only place where you can get the actualy album right now. I guess some more patience is in order. For now you can listen to most tracks here and one on soundcloud here.

I can’t seem to figure out which picture is the cover, cause one of these is also the cover for the single or so it seems on Itunes. Either way I love it, and they should make stuffed animals for merchandise of the two monsters.

I met this band at last year’s Stage Europe Network exchange program and got to stalk them a few days. Consequently they ended up in some bushes somewhere posing for me at the Westerpop festival.

My favorite song:

At the beach with Francis

I’ve been stuck with an image in my head for some time now. I decided that maybe I should just make it and see where it goes from there. For this purpose I dragged lovely Francis to the beach where she suffered the cold and wind for me (and we had the best lunch ever).

So far I love the results. I’m trying to make some animations as well, this one being the first:

I really want to continue this, and I hope if I keep giving Francis hot chocolate she’ll keep helping me out ;) The image in my head needs a guy as well, but I’m still figuring things out (like who should this guy be)! For now I’m happy!

The Sweet Release of Death @ Exit

I don’t always bring my camera. No. Really. I don’t. I usually regret it. Last week The Sweet Release of Death did their first show in Exit. I expected something more electro-ish, and I didn’t get it. But what I did get was this awesome free ep and a much more interesting rocky grungy edgy show. Enjoy my epic phone photography:

Well, you can at least count how many band-members there are no?

And I got this! For 2 euros entree! Yeah!

Besides the awesome fact that there are stickers in it, Alicia made the kickass artwork for this ep. It’s pretty to look at, and you could even try listening while you’re at it.

Roufaida & Pluck @ Coffee Company Rotterdam

For the Geen Daden Maar Woorden festival these two lovely ladies played in the Coffee Company, no less than two hours. This day it was a startling 28 degrees outside and everyone was drinking ice coffee of course.

In case I hadn’t mentioned this before, I’m a fan of these two. For obvious reasons. Since they played two hours they brought even more instruments than they usually do and really claimed their own little Roufaida & Pluck Corner including grass, flowers and a scary gnome.

I hope this works.. It’s a little video from the performance I didn’t make btw.

I couldn’t leave this one out either. On a boat! Yeah! Sadly they haven’t recorded an album I can force you to buy yet but you can check their website for now here.