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I DO love a good wedding

Really. I love weddings. I admit it. As long as they’re a fun couple like these two are. So relaxed and happy. I had a such a fun day with them! Please cute couples, get married and invite me ;)

Also, from this shot you can’t really tell, but she is wearing discoglitter silver high heels. Yeah baby!

The Blog is Back from Nowhere!

Since web-log is really making a mess of things and has been trying to move my blog for over a month now.. I figured I might as well make a new one instead of waiting for them to find all the images back (or just not). So here we are! I hope you all still think this is remotely interesting and will care enough to follow and stalk me til your hearts content!

Much love!


Wow so much to blog all of a sudden ;) The lovely people from the Popunie invited me to Wantijpop again, which was great! My favorite bands were The Hot Stewards and Peter Pan Speedrock (to take photos of that is hah).

Ok I lied, the audience was just AWESOME. I mean just look at that?!

I can’t remember the name of this band to save my life, something with ‘orkestar’ but they were so much fun, and HAVING so much fun! Also I kinda love his pants.

Peter Pan Speedrock brought along ‘Dikke Dennis’. I have to admit I think he’s kinda scary, but the smoke and the light make him look very, well, filmish.

This jump! I don’t think anyone beat that jump for the rest of the festival! This is Roger Steward from The Hot Stewards. Obviously a good show to check out!

This is Zwart Licht, or at least one of them. See that crowd? This was the first show of the day and just before it was -pouring- with rain. Nevertheless it was one of the most energetic performances I saw that weekend!

Apparently there is no more money for the Popunie, and also not for this festival. Not so cool, if you ask me. You can help out by signing a petition asking the government to rethink this here.

Hangover Hero

After taking photos of these guys on the Metropolis festival this summer, they asked me to make a photo for their cd. We ended up in the epic hotel Des Indes in The Hague and had a lot of fun ;)

A very neat before photo.

And ofcourse a much less ‘good boys’ after photo. The photos are meant for the inlay of their cd, which should be released very soon! They’re playing the 7th of October in Baroeg, Rotterdam. Check them out!

Stage Europe Network part II: Holland

Later during the summer, the Popunie hosted the visit in Holland for Stage Europe as possible. For the bands 10, for me only 5 intense days of great fun. The bands were mixed into international acts and had to write and record their songs. But they also played a gig in their original forms on Westerpop, and much more!

This was actually the first photo I took, and pretty much sums up how most of the musicians were feeling by the time I arrived ;)

Two Dutch bands joined the SEN program, Fexet who I already met in Bremen and during the finals of the High School Music Competition, and Roufaida & Pluck who I knew as well from the same finals! The guys from Fexet spent every single minute playing, working or partying. Respect!

The band from Norway was switched for these guys: Memetics. Again: awesome! Check out that bass player! Woo!

These are the Polish lads from C4030. Apparently I don’t know ANYTHING about Poland. By the end of the week I felt a lot more educated!

Westerpop: RAIN. It rained so bad, we all walked around looking like Fexet; in ponchos.

This is Zenith! On the photo are singer Ingus and guitarplayer Elvijs. You have to have respect for this guys voice. He’s the only one who didn’t lose it during the week!

The Icelandic band: Samaris. Amazing, and very experimental. The entire crowd of Westerpop fell silent and afterward rushed to buy their cd.

Another shot of Memetics, I just love it!

Can you tell? This photo was shot with the Canon camera from my hero Romuals (the French ‘coach’). My camera got soaked and quit. Which I completely understood, nevertheless I panicked. He saved me while my trusty Nikon was drying! Now I should buy a 50mm lens as well..

I finally located the hostel where they were all staying and joined my first night of some education. The bands explained something about the country and culture of their homes. It was great fun!

Also they played some music ofcourse, and most of them tried to cover one of the other bands. Much to their amusement :)

Writing lyrics..

Learning lyrics.. in French!

Also there was a T-shirt/Button-making workshop. Some epic stuff was made, clearly.

Of course the only time I have to get a band somewhere we get stuck in traffic SO bad that we just stood still forever.

We were late for this workshop, about hearing protection. It was very useful but most of the group was a tad tired..

I don’t dare to try and spell her name so I will stick with the made-easy version: Jofra singing!

Lovely Pluck! I think this is my favorite photo of her so far and I have quite the collection by now..

Don’t you just love the sun? I really really do!

And while I’m at it: look at that flying hair! Woohoo!

Lovely Fexet guys striking a pose. Some of this was filmed, mostly the parts where they were running around Rogier who was the only one really concentrating.

And to call it quits: the guys from Memetics. You can’t plan those skies!

I had a total blast with everyone and it was so nice to talk to so many new people from different countries. I loved it!

Stage Europe Network: Bremen

The Popunie invited me to join the Stage Europe Network in Bremen earlier this summer. Ofcourse I cannot refuse a roadtrip so with the guys from Fexet and Noortje & Paul from the Popunie we set off. Apparently Bremen is not that far and after four hours we already arrived.

As you can see it was a very busy festival, AND we had great weather there as well. Along side the river at least ten tents were put up with all sorts of bands playing in them.

Lovely Paul and Noortje being stalked by me.

The girls room in the hostel & Noortje sporting her sunglasses!

Singer Samy from French band Hangover Dose. They lost their luggage and instruments at least twice during this trip and still managed a great show!

Dutch guys Fexet! They were defenately the loudest band amongst the Stage Europe Network bands. They drew in a crowd for sure!

I certainly became a fan of these guys instantly: Anthony Hope. These awesome Norwegian guys can now be found in Liverpool, which is at least closer than Norway.

Singer Michael from Anthony Hope with Florian in the background.

All the acts supported eachother in the crowd, here Fexet together with Anthony Hope.

This was a short but awesome trip! I loved Bremen, it’s such a artistic and chaotic and lovely town. Im so grateful for having been able to go!

Three of A Kind + 1

Last year I took the promo shots for the great guys from Three of a Kind. I was so lucky for them to ask me again but this time + 1, together with rock n roll singer Claudia they now are Full Force! We had a blast as usual ending up eating junk food. Keeping in mind last years shoot with minus 2 degrees in winter the weather was at least warmer this time. Only the wind..

They still perform with just the guys as well:

Windmills are great

Recently the Popunie sent me out on an adventure to take photos of a windmill in Puttershoek. Puttershoek, yes really. I didn’t really have a strong opinion on windmills at all but now I’m a fan. The man keeping it running even ‘switched it on’ (beats me..) and I had a great time on a very sunny day! Also these photos will be printed on 2 by 3 meters (METERS people) I’m SO curious to see how it turns out!

I loved all the little windows.

And I really loved the sky! For this one I was just laying flat on my back in the grass! The man running the mill didn’t even blink hah.